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With marketing companies, freelancers and AI tools flooding your inbox with terrible pitches that promise to “explode your sales”, why should you choose to work with Growth Experts?

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Growth Experts vs Freelancer

We all love a good freelancer – until you realize every time they do a piece of work, they’ve created five more jobs for you.

How do I create a PDF from their copy? Who is going to design it? What’s the best way to send it to my clients? Email? Put it on my website? The questions and work have only just started.

Growth Experts
  • Access to a range of experts in various marketing & sales disciplines to get it all done.
  • A team of marketing & sales experts that grows as your business grows.
  • Our team has each other covered, and therefore, you’re covered.
  • A single area of expertise and single-focused execution. Not end-to-end.
  • An individual with a diminishing number of hours to help you.
  • Unforeseen personal emergencies will impact any work being delivered.

Growth Experts vs Agency

Agencies love to send invoices for work that is just slightly out of scope. They also bring the big guns to get you in as a client, but in reality, you’re left with sub-par execution from junior staff that are learning on your time.

Your business deserves to be working with marketing & sales experts.

Growth Experts
  • We’re a team of highly experienced marketing and sales experts.
  • We’re flexible, adaptable and are an extension of your team.
  • One simple monthly investment to work with us.
  • A team with various levels of expertise, but mostly mid- to junior-level staff, will be working with you.
  • Comes with a one-size-fits-all approach. Follow their process or else.
  • Every hour is itemized, and if anything is slightly out of scope, expect additional invoices.

Growth Experts vs CMO

CMOs use big words, write too many {SUM} functions in a spreadsheet and disappear for weeks at a time, hoping that the execution of their strategy is being done.

If you just need someone to track KPIs and helicopter in to check numbers, a CMO is a perfect fit. However, if you need end-to-end marketing & sales execution, we’re your team.

Growth Experts
  • We’re here to get things done, not just tweak numbers on a spreadsheet.
  • 5-8x more cost-effective than a CMO.
  • We’re adaptable and can quickly execute any changes in your business or strategy.
  • Focused on high-level strategy only, with little to no attention to the execution.
  • You’re paying them an executive-level salary, including bonuses and share-scheme incentives.
  • Adding a layer of decision-making and approval processes.
Full-time employee

Growth Experts vs Full-time employee

Finding the right people to hire for your business is time-consuming, difficult and expensive. We’re able to onboard you in less than two weeks and start delivering.

Growth Experts
  • Cost-effective, and you’ve just found the top talent you’re looking for.
  • Access to a team of experts with various skills and years of experience.
  • We can start working with you in a few days with minimal ramp-up time.
Full-time employee
  • Top talent is expensive and difficult to find.
  • Limited to their specific set of skills and experience.
  • Requires time and resources for onboarding, training, and development on an ongoing basis.

What is a Growth Coach?

It’s our version of a Marketing Director. When you work with us, you’re going to work with your own Growth Coach, AKA Marketing Director, who will get all things marketing and sales done for your business.

If You’re Struggling to Get Your Marketing To Work, You Need a Growth Coach

You need someone you can trust to get your most important marketing and sales tasks done. Someone that understands your business, knows the best approach and takes action.
  • If your marketing isn’t getting enough attention.

  • If you aren’t tracking what is and isn’t driving sales.

  • If you feel like nothing is as well executed as you’d like.

  • And lastly, if you need more (expert) hands just to get everything done.

Then it’s time you chatted with us about getting your business a Growth Coach

A Growth Coach Is Your Company’s Secret Weapon

They are more than just a marketing director. They’re a Swiss army knife of skills because of the team of experts we have behind the scenes.
  • They’re your strategist, mapping out the goals and what needs to be done.

  • They’re hands-on, rolling up their sleeves to get the work done.

  • They’re who you turn to when you’re unsure of what to do next.

  • Lastly, they’re your guide to avoiding marketing & sales mistakes.

Let’s chat and see if a Growth Coach is the right fit for your business.

What we are
Experts at

We aren’t joking when we say we just get things done.

It starts with a strategy and ends with us doing the work and, most importantly, ensuring it goes live.


This is our ninja skill. Almost everything we do for you starts with well-written copy.


ALL THINGS email. Cold emails. Drip campaigns. Newsletters. Sequences. If it’s an email, we’re experts.

Lead Generation.

The sweet spot between marketing and sales is lead generation. We’ll build sales funnels, email outreach, and follow-ups and help with your social channels, specifically LinkedIn.


We speak developer. We know what is and isn’t possible when it comes to web apps and websites and have a high bar for how things should be built. We’ll work with your dev partner (or find one for you) and manage everything from start to finish.

Sales Collateral.

Whether this is a PDF your sales team uses, a presentation you need for a talk or a sales proposal, we’ve got you covered.


We love automation to get things working with less input from both you and us.

“My team thought it would be funny if I had some smart quote written under my picture. So I wrote this.” ~ J. Bagley

Meet Jason

Hi! I’m Jason Bagley, founder of Growth Experts, sometimes a public speaker, and a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Having built and successfully exited two businesses (HumanWrit.es, a social innovation startup, and Firing Squad, a lead generation agency), Growth Experts is the company I wish was around when running my previous businesses – because marketing was the last thing we had time to do, but it was the thing we needed the most.

All businesses have too many ideas and not enough time and expertise to execute them properly. That’s why I started Growth Experts – to proactively execute on your company’s marketing & sales strategy – from start to result.

People *really* like Growth Experts

“Aah, YES! You’re the best.”

Darren S

“I want to thank you for making us look so good at the recent event we spoke at. We outshone the digital marketing agency we presented alongside!”

Cornelia T

“The work you’re doing for us is by far the most thoughtful and smart marketing we’ve seen. And we’ve worked with A LOT of marketing agencies over the years.”

Jennifer Z

“Hi Jason, Thank you so much for getting this all setup, tested and operational. Great milestone we’ve achieved here.”

Martin S

“We see you as part of our senior management team with all the smart thinking and ideas, and just getting everything done.”

Julie T

Got some questions?

We’ve got answers.

Will you build us a marketing plan?
Yes. It’s the first thing we do when we start working together!
Do you manage and pay for our paid ads?
Yes, we’ll manage and run your paid ads and can also pay for your paid ads budget.
Will you manage our entire outbound email campaigns?
This is one of our ninja skills. It includes everything from prospecting to writing emails to managing and helping you book sales meetings.
Will you use [insert app name] software we’re already using?
Sure thing. If you need help moving to a different provider or want advice on what’s best for you, we can also help with that.
What about video scripts and editing?
Video scripts – yes. Distribution – yes. Editing? Unfortunately, that’s an additional cost. However, we’ll find the right freelancer or company to do it and manage the entire process for you.
Is graphic design included?
Yes, it is. However, if you need hundreds of graphics a month, we’re probably not the right fit—but let’s chat about your needs first.
Do you manage LinkedIn?
This is another one of our ninja skills. Optimizing your personal and business profile and LinkedIn connection and messaging campaigns, it’s included.
Is social media like TikTok, Instagram, FB and X included?
We’re not a social media agency, so this is not included. LinkedIn is included, though. If you do need us to handle your social media, we’ll help you find a freelancer or agency for this.
Do you write all the content we need?
Yes. Content is the start of pretty much everything we do.
Can you manage and make updates to our website?
Yes. There is an asterix* here in that if you need specialized development done, then we’ll need to hire a developer to help, which will be an additional once-off cost.
What’s the catch? Surely it can’t be unlimited.
The catch is if you’re looking to exploit our relationship, we’re not going to be a good fit. We move as quickly as possible, but everything can’t happen overnight.

We’re very open with what we can and can’t do and how long certain things will take – and will communicate with you on an almost daily basis with weekly or bi-weekly video calls.
We want to build a great relationship with you and your team, and that’s only going to happen with trust and respect. We’re also well aware that we need to deliver results, and that drives us, too.

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