A short story about how to make your clients proud of working with you

We all have a brand we're proud to associate ourselves with. How can you get your clients to do the same?

Transforming clients into raving fans

Grab a cup of coffee and sit with me while I tell you a story about me finding a new screenshot tool.

There is a big lesson in this – and something we’re applying at Growth Experts because getting it right means more referrals for your business.

Ok, here we go.

I used to use an app called CloudApp to take screenshots and annotate them, record my screen for a quick demo or upload small files. It would give me a link that I could quickly share with anyone.

But over the past few months, especially since their rebrand to Zight, the new logo and name, the website, font choices, and their copy have become less polished. And I could see the attention to detail, even with the app, was slowly eroding, too. The app wasn’t its usual zippy self I was used to over the years. Sometimes, the videos would buffer, small bugs would appear when trying to share a file, or the share link would not work.

This looks like a v1, yet the app has been around for years!

I started looking for an alternative.

When searching the Mac App Store, the same thing struck me. I looked at the app icons, screenshots and short demo videos, and although the apps all did the same job, I didn’t want to try any of them because they all looked unpolished – even perhaps unfinished. There was a lot of attention to detail and care missing.

That’s when I asked a good mate of mine, Dave, what he uses, and his response was, “CleanShotX. It’s SO fast and soooo easy to use”.

I can tell he’s a proud user. *cough* referral *cough*

It was an insta-buy after watching the video on their homepage.

The attention to detail, the copywriting, the website, their sales video – everything felt polished. I could see they cared about their business and the product they had built.

And that takes me to Growth Experts.

I know what it feels like to be proud of the products I use (like ThingsOvercast and Day One) and the companies I’m working with (OCFOEstrela, Zulik) to help grow the business.

This feeling is the same feeling I want to give my clients, which, along with our marketing and sales expertise, will turn them into raving fans.

Yes, we need to deliver great service and we need to hit their goals. But all the little touch points along the way, from our website, to our proposals, to how we share documents and files, are all part of the experience with working with us.

Two questions to ask yourself

What are you doing to make your clients happy and proud to work with you?

Are you showing enough attention to detail in what potential clients see before they pick up the phone to buy from you?

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